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Frequently Asked Questions

Does MM plan any further acquisitions?

Yes, MM will continue its acquisition policy concentrating on both, the cartonboard as well as the folding carton area.

Which growth rate can be expected for the cartonboard and folding cartons market?
The consumption of cartonboard is highly dependent on the overall economic environment. Over the next years, an average growth rate which parallels economic growth is anticipated in Europe.

How large of an affect does the development of the pulp price have on MM?
MM produces about 1.6 million tonnes of cartonboard annually. This requires approximately an equal amount of fibres mainly sourced from recovered paper. Mayr-Melnhof's technology know-how allows to apply mostly low waste paper grades in cartonboard production. Pure pulp does not exceed 5% of total fibre requirements.

Does MM have a possibility to buy back shares?
The Managing Board has been unanimously authorized at the 9th Annual General Meeting on May 13, 2003 for the buy-back and reselling of shares, maximized at 10% of the Group's capital stock. This authorization remains valid until November 13, 2004.

To what extent is management income linked to Group earnings?
A very high percentage of the income of our senior executives is variable and linked to results. This may be over 50% of an individual's total income.

Which dividend policy does MM pursue?
In the long-term, one third of the Group's net income shall be paid out to shareholders and the dividend per share shall rise in absolute terms.

How much will MM invest in the future?
Investments in the medium-term should not exceed 50% of cash earnings.

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